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B3 (BlaBlaBlog) is a PHP blog system built upon the Lumen micro-framework.

The package is available on Packagist


This project is very much under active development, and while it is usable in its current state, the documentation is yet to be written. In fact - this readme is not even necessarily up to date.

At present, B3 supports all major browser, including IE >= 9.


Blog posts are written in Markdown in your favourite editor, and pushed via git. Posts are validated upon git-commit. A database of data/metadata is built or updated on git-pull. Pages are rendered serverside. Blablablog is themeable; the default theme is built upon Bootstrap 3. You set your usersettings in dotenv (do not track this in vcs).


To install B3, run

composer create-project eivindarvesen/b3 <SITE> *@dev --prefer-dist

or run in the scripts-directory.

The webroot must be set to 'b3/public'

BlaBlaBlog also needs a database, the connection to which is specified in the dotenv-file in the project root.

To automatically set up your site, run the script in the scripts-directory.


To set up your developer-environment:

composer install
bower install
npm install


The BlaBlaBlog PHP Blog System is open-source software licensed under the The BSD 3-Clause License

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