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Customization of Solar theme to make it Gruvbox-compliant


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Sunbox Theme for Hugo - Gruvbox edit of Solar Theme

Edits summary

Those edits were designed to customize the original theme into what backs my blog

  • Reworked the style to use gruvbox as a theme instead.
  • Attempted to slim the style out by re-separating color theming from structure and removing structures I won't use.
  • Tried to increase support for older browsers (understand IE) without usage of JS.
  • Made the main content's slightly larger.
  • More metadata in the header column, added coloring metadata where applicable.
  • A taxonomy listing at the end of single's archetype.
  • An entry for a Mastodon (or anything else, really) link next to Twitter has been added too.
  • A duck is waiting for you at the end of the page.
  • Dropped pygment syntax highlighting, uses Hugo's default Chroma instead.
  • Added shortcodes because they can help.
  • Rewrote figure shortcode to add the image's dimensions to avoid page jumps and adding some markup to a figure's content.

Previous readme's content

A minimalistic theme for Hugo blogs, fork of Solar Theme for Ghost. There is a demo available on Hugos theme list. See the example config.toml for a starting point.

Color schemes

Eiyeron: only gruvbox is available for now.

Solar offers three color schemes: (Solarized) light, (Solarized) dark (default) and gray. Additionally there is a preference setting which switches between light and dark according to the users preference.


Eiyeron: "Screenshot machine broke", sorry.

Additional HTML

Custom HTML can be injected just before </head> and </body> by creating a head.html or foot.html inside the sites layouts/partials/ folder. The default (empty) logo can be overwritten by creating a logo.svg in static/img/.

Syntax Highlighting

Eiyeron: Chroma's used instead, following Hugo's recent default changes. Syntax Highlighting should be provided by the color definition.

This theme does not bring a syntax highlighter. If you want to use Hugos built in one, remember to update the color scheme by setting pygmentsStyle. The pygments style solarized-dark, for example, matches the themes dark color scheme, while solarized-light matches light and solarized-dark256 works well with gray.

Otherwise, if you want to use a JavaScript highlighter like highlight.js, the necessary JavaScript can be placed inside static/ and get included by providing a footer.html as described above.


Same as with any other theme:

$ git clone themes/solar-theme-hugo
$ hugo server --theme solar-theme-hugo


GPLv2 or higher


Customization of Solar theme to make it Gruvbox-compliant







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  • HTML 37.7%