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- Design goal: Shouldn't hit datastore per request
- Design goal: Make it easier to find out where builds are going *to*
-- Probably want to use application level caching
- Admin API needs:
-- Logging
-- ACLs
-- Rollback
- Business logic that's still needed:
-- Nightly updates
-- Channel fallback (bhearsum)
-- Support for additional properties
-- Blocking by user agent (PPC support already here, need to genercize it)
- How do handle multiple matching rules?
-- Rules that match by more fields should take priority over those that match fewer
-- When ties exist, use priority
-- Can we be even smarter here to avoid unnecessary rules?
- How do avoid DB cruft, while still being able to compare against AUS2?
-- Possibly could emulate the existing cruft, then remove it later
-- Compare end points instead of just the 1st update
--- Need to add support for following update paths to comparison scripts
- Need to figure out the workflows for the Application API and Release Automation before we get too deep into designing them.
- Need a test suite (bhearsum)
- How do we serve minor+major updates at the same time?