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buildbot-helpers Bug 709229: Turn off per-step messages to pulse. r=bear
buildfarm Bug 712967: Create production-branches.json. r=rail
cdmaker Bug 539750 - Firefox 3 CD, updated the README for cdmaker, p=lsblakk …
clobberer Bug 567874 - php warnings from clobberer. r=nthomas
graphserver_webapp small update to README for graphserver webapp
lib bug 720283: Allow forcing pushes in hgutil. r=bhearsum
release Automated configuration bump: update verify configs for 3.1.18 build 1
scripts Backout bug 719436 (rev b783041a861e) because it's breaking 10.0b6/3.…
sut_tools bug 715215 - install robocop.apk; r=bear
trychooser bug 700415 - add peptest to trychooser. r=lsblakk
.hgignore Bug 633363: add ability to disable masters
.hgtags Added tag FIREFOX_10_0b6_BUILD1_RUNTIME, FIREFOX_10_0b6_RELEASE_RUNTI…
.pylintrc Bug 593281: Add pylintrc config. r=catlee Bug 643063: add supporting files for slavealloc deployment; r=bear Bug 688296 python module conflicts with xcode module p=lsblakk r=catlee
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