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ElDewrito development is on hold right now. We are not accepting issue reports or pull requests. For more information, please see our blog.


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What is ElDewrito?

ElDewrito is a fan mod for Halo Online that enables LAN-based online multiplayer across the globe, as well as many bug-fixes and enhancements. As there is no telling if any other Halo game will ever be brought to PC, Halo Online is the best thing we have, and fortunately it contains a lot of Halo 3 and Halo ODST content. ElDewrito aims to unlock and expand on this content.

Note that this is the source code repo for it, not the mod itself. You'll need a copy of Halo Online and the ElDewrito Launcher to install ED.

Pull requests are welcomed from anyone who wants to contribute to us. We recommend that you come talk to us on Discord first before starting work on anything major, so that we can discuss it and come up with the best way to help you implement it. Also, please use Visual Studio to edit and test your code. Pull requests which were clearly made with GitHub's online editor will be rejected. Your commits should be meaningful and represent logical increments in functionality.


You should always check for the latest builds of ElDewrito on AppVeyor or our subreddit.


To build ElDewrito you'll need Visual Studio 2017 installed with the Windows 8.1 SDK.


We don't accept donations, donate money to your favorite charity instead.

Although if you have a spare server running ElDewrito-MasterServer on it would be welcomed, get in touch with us on IRC and we can help you set this up.


We have a Discord server that stays pretty active with helpful users.

You can also try checking the support question on the subreddit.

If you have issues you can get in touch with us on there, or make a bug report in our issue tracker and we'll look over it.