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The Good List

In my years in this industry, traveling around the world, greeting people at Appsterdam events, I've met around 500 people who have affected me in a good way.

I think everyone has a list of good companies and people they believe to be ethical, smart, and hard-working—doing it the right way, for the right reasons.

I thought we might all benefit from knowing some good people, so put mine on GitHub.


I don't know all the good people.

If you're an App Maker, I bet you know some people on this list, but haven't met some others yet. If I could see your list, it would be the same for me. I haven't met all the good people yet. Not by a long shot.

This list should not be considered complete. If a name is not on here, that doesn't mean anything. I can go on about this at great length, so I put that in a WAT.

Please file issues to suggest changes, and fork this list to create your own. This list is just one man's experiences, but as part of a community exercise, it could be useful for everyone.

A simple way to think of this list

If you needed a job, and I could afford it, I would hire you if:

  1. Your name is on this list.
  2. You worked for a company on this list.
  3. You were introduced to me by someone whose name is in bold.


Names in bold are people who inspire me with their exceptional quality—typically people I have worked with or know well enough to go so far as to risk my personal reputation to vouch for them. Names in italics are my A* list—people who challenge me, often by simply being so smart, I feel I have to be 110% of my best when I'm around them.

Industry Legends are people who have been around for a very long time, are very well known, have been involved in so many things that there's no easy way to describe them, or are generally considered to have made such tremendous contributions to the industry in the past that nothing further is expected from them.

Good Companies

Good People