How to Install Soft Keyboard

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This tutorial tests with "2017-04-10-Raspbian-Jessie-with-PIXEL" version, if you want to use wheezy or an earlier version of the image, there are differences in the fifth and sixth step file path, you can have a reference of virtual-keyboard on office installation tutorials

Step 1: Install the necessary files

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install libfakekey-dev libpng-dev libxft-dev autoconf libtool -y

Step 2: Install the virtual keyboard “matchbox-keyboard”

git clone
cd matchbox-keyboard
chmod +x
sudo ./

Note: "./" execution time needs about a few minutes,It will shows as picrtured after correct implementation. If not similiar as pictured after implementation, you need check if there are error tips image

Then execute:

sudo make
sudo make install

Step 3 : Shared library for installing virtual keyboard

sudo apt-get install libmatchbox1 -y

As follow: image

Step 4: Create a virtual keyboard to start the script

sudo nano /usr/bin/

Paste the below text and press ctr+x and Y, save and exit

#This script toggle the virtual keyboard
PID=`pidof matchbox-keyboard`
if [ ! -e $PID ]; then
killall matchbox-keyboard
matchbox-keyboard -s 50 extended&

Add executable permissions for the above script

sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/

Step 5: Add the script to the start menu

sudo nano /usr/local/share/applications/toggle-matchbox-keyboard.desktop

Paste the below text and press ctr+x and Y, save and exit

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Toggle Matchbox Keyboard
Comment=Toggle Matchbox Keyboard`

Step 6: Create icons On the taskbar (note that this steps must use "Pi" user rights, if with administrator privileges, you will not find this file)

nano ~/.config/lxpanel/LXDE-pi/panels/panel

Step 7: Find similiar command with the following (different raspberry version may have different default content)

Plugin {
  Config {
    Button {
    Button {
    Button {
    Button {
    Button {

Add the following code to add an icon item

Button {

The following picture are the effect after Modification image

Step 8: Execute the following command and restart after modification,if successfully, you can see a virtual keyboard Icon on the taskbar of screen.

sudo reboot
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