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Paper Wallet Import Instructions

Before you begin, you’ll need to download the Electra QT wallet :


  1. Unlock your Wallet. From the menu bar, click on Settings then fully Unlock the wallet (uncheck the for staking only box).

  2. Click on the Tools button from the menu bar.

  3. Select Debug window .

  4. Click on the Console tab.

  5. Type: importprivkey PrivateKeyHere "label" and press Enter.(BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE "")

    Label is the name you want for your address (For example: "exchange")

  6. In same menu, click on Wallet Repair tab.

  7. Click on Rescan blockchain files.

The wallet will restart and rescan the blockchain (it takes a few seconds)

If you experience any difficulties, please contact one of our experienced Electra community members, available on these platforms:

Discord: (please join the #help-support channel for assistance)

Telegram: Electra

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