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@Jenova7 Jenova7 released this Mar 10, 2019 · 81 commits to master since this release

-Add CMC\Electra in Links menu
-Add Hide Orphan Stakes Option
-Add DarkTheme
-Add Checkpoints
-Use new fake stake patch from PIVX
-MSW Updates (fix a bug in the RPC causing new addresses to be made when attempting to rename a newly made address)
-Update staking icons
-POW fixes for testnet
-Enable proper launch of Mac wallet install
-Fixed pink/gray bars in QT for Mac
-Removed denominations selection at bottom of wallet (not needed for our use)
-Fixed Coins control table

-Linux and RPI GUI wallet should be run via terminal
-Mac GUI wallet only for High Sierra and Mojave

Win64-Electra-Qt-2.0.3-setup.exe  34FC159C66B470EFBE7F4CE4F787ED5DDC4C91BEB0215AA96710D2237EFD0ADA   9945701B091DDF8315A733B7123AFFCBF367865AEC1BA9DA3238B5FB187709A5
Win32-Electra-QT-2.0.3-setup.exe  CD116C89EADE9497FBD57BD1B36AB22C2A7369E3FE7D37AF20CDDB880BFB4FE0   7D08D957A625531A4592D201B9F14050D38982836B56C0E11F860D45FFB6800C        0E839CD30C206225B6D15CC0B5A1527D427491FE2E3548C6FB1BA187D23BD702     D25C8361EE05202DAA2F410809DB68D88FD2AFE6A9C7B8F183126D9BAE3524FC
Mac-Electra-QT-2.0.3.dmg          92EF0703461FE9555121DC791D4C9D9F535B371DEB16B177B7EC7326B0809A29     C84314C5FB4CA957C689796222B3693507AA352D78FB30EAB524DDE1FF59361A        4936414FF5349854A4292CE293BAA20056279F3D2603C9548BDB8CECC65AF1F2 4CCC9BAE85B29EC812368E9C24A89177E85C712E9B0BF087B68BE923E3E4E850
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