Send ECA payments across social media platforms.
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Electra SocialPay

Electra Social Pay

Send Payments with Electracoin across various social platforms.

Currently Supports Twitter, Discord, Slack, Telegram

The MIT License Travis David David

NSP Status Known Vulnerabilities


  • Cross OS Support
  • UI built w/ Electron

Getting Started

  1. Download nodejs
  2. Set Up Config File.JS & Wallet
  3. Run app.js or apptest.JS

Youtube Tutorial:

General Commands To Use:



-Message The Bot To Set Address: - !address YourECAaddress

  • In Group Say This To Pay:
    • !pay @username amount -console will show errors

      • USERS MUST MESSAGE BOT FIRST TO RECEIVE MESSAGES FROM BOT Telegram is tricky set up. Users MUST has username set, then their username is saved with their userID. You can then @username and you will be able to interact with user. To avoid spam the app is set up to Message Users directly instead of in chat/group.

      • TypeError Found.. Does Not Stop Application but will show in console. Will fix soon


  • Tweet The Following To Set Address:

    • !address @yourBotName YourECAaddress
  • Tweet The Following to Pay

    • !pay @theirScreenName Amount

    • There are a few bugs with twitter such as socket time outs if you connect multiple times too quickly. Will need further improvements, but currently works.


  • Direct Message This to Set Address:

    • !address YourECAaddress
  • Message The Following In Your mainChannel to Pay:

    • !pay @theirName Amount

      *There is one bug I've found with getting the userID from their Screen name... Needs further investigation


  • Message in chat or directly to Set Address:

    • !address YourECAaddress
  • To Pay:

    • !pay @username amount
      • No known bugs at this time.


  • NodeJS
  • Discord ID if using
  • Twitter ID if using
  • Slack ID if using
  • Telegram ID if using
  • Electra Wallet/Funds

Release Info

  • v0.1 - Support For Only Discord
  • v0.2 - Support For Twitter Added, Buttons To Not Use Certain Platforms, Wallet Built In/Optional
  • v0.3 - Support For Telegram Added, Payments to 4th (0.0000) added
  • v0.4 - Support For Slack Added, Config takes all strings, config keys made more specific. Wallet no longer starts with splash and is minimized

Future Plans: Refractor Code, Add Electron GUI with Wallet Functionality.

Built With


We Welcome The Community To Contribute! Feel Free To Fork This and Add More!


This project is licensed under the MIT License


  • ECA