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@cculianu cculianu released this Nov 15, 2019 · 47 commits to master since this release

  • .AppImage is for any Linux 64 bit (it's a self-contained app bundle with everything inside)
    • Note: Be sure to set this to executable to run it (chmod +x)
  • .dmg is for macOS, as usual
    • NOTE: The -macosx-elcapitan.dmg is provided for legacy compatibility with macOS 10.11 El Capitan. Do not use this .dmg on newer systems. Instead, for newer systems such as Mojave, use the plain -macosx.dmg.
  • .exe is for Windows, as usual
  • Srcdist is provided as .tar.gz and/or .zip files
    • Includes Python dependencies inside in packages/
    • This is built on a Linux 64-bit system, and also includes

What's new in 4.0.11

  • Added SatoChip hardware wallet support:
    #1668 (Baudoin Collard, cculianu)
  • Added API support for plugins to register themselves with the command-line
    in order to offer RPC service commands. #1670 (Mark Lundeberg)
  • Added "Show crash reporter" to preferences, and re-laid-out the preferences
    pane. #1673 (cculianu)
  • Fix #1671 -- "No data" for fiat when using the 'history' RPC command has been
    now fixed. (cculianu)
  • Fix #1679 -- Exporting history now shows fees (if known), as well as input
    and output addresses involved in a tx. (cculianu)
  • Plugin API fix for @hook. #1669 (cculianu, Mark Lundeberg)
  • Internal API optimization for transaction signing #1666 (Mark Lundeberg)
  • Added for both testnet and mainnet as a block explorer
    configurable in preferences. #1664 (Axel Gembe)
  • CLI: Added --op_return and --op_return_raw options for the 'payto' command.
  • AppImage: Improved binary stripping for more reproducible builds. #1662
    (Axel Gembe)
  • Updated SSL certificates to Sept. 2019. This should hopefully fix some of the
    "Unable to verify SSL" errors some users have seen when using CashShuffle.
  • Fixed a long-standing bug where sometimes Electron Cash would hang forever on
    startup due to a stale/old daemon 'lockfile'. (cculianu)
  • Qt history tab: Added workaround for persitent 'Unknown' balances when using
    advanced scripts to spend funds. (cculianu)
  • Qt UI: Add mechanism to prohibit '3..' p2sh by default, which should protect
    users from accidentally sending BCH to BTC segwit addresses. This protection
    can be disabled in preferences. Issues #1658 and #1225. (cculianu)
  • Updated README for better instructions on how to run the development/git
    version. (Mark Lundeberg)
  • Added servers to servers.json:, Removed
    server (Axel Gembe, greedyhog)
  • iOS: Fixes for iOS 13.0+ and other miscellany (cculianu)
  • iOS fix: "Downloading headers xx%..." is now more accurate (cculianu)
  • iOS fix for bug #1651, crash if prefs screen up when wallet closed. (cculianu)
  • don't append value when serializing inputs with scriptSig.
    #1648, #1628, #1637 (Mark Lundeberg)
  • Addresses tab: hide all empty change addresses, not just used ones &
    pop open change list by default. #1646 (Mark Lundeberg)
  • Android: allow specifying a server which isn't in servers.json. #1644 #1636
    (Malcolm Smith)
  • Add Swahili to the language list. (Patrick Kariuki)
  • Bumped Qt version to 5.13.2 on most platforms. (cculianu)
  • Qt prefs: Renamed the default "light" UI style to "Default". On some systems
    this style is actually dark in appearance. (cculianu)
  • cashaccts: Fixed parse bug in parsing eg 'cashacctname#123,1.23'. (cculianu)
  • Misc. menu and dialog nits, polish, cleanups, more consistent Capitalization,
    & More. (Tom Zander, cculianu)
  • Qt: main window, make sure Ctrl+Q is shown in File->Quit. (cculianu)
  • Transations: prefer verbatim scriptSig for (re)serializing complete
    transaction inputs. #1637 (Mark Lundeberg)
  • Added index_url override to addrequest command. #1636 (Yuki Matsumoto)
  • i18n: Use pgettext in a few places, and various fixups. #1624 (Axel Gembe)
  • Very many Android fixes. #1614 (Malcolm Smith)
  • p2sh: Fix coin tracking / balance, etc for esoteric scriptSigs/redeemScripts
    in inputs. This should make it easier to have a wallet that tracks smart
    contract addresses and other advanced usages of Bitcoin. #1620 (cculianu)
  • synchronizer: Check txid from server against response content. This is a
    paranoia check to make sure the server isn't being malicious. (cculianu)
  • i18n nit: Translate 'Unknown' string in format_satoshis. (cculianu)
  • Removed #1619 (Georg Engelmann)
  • Configure payment_url to include payment request ID. #1617 (Mark Meson)
  • Command-line: added addressconvert command. (cculianu)
  • BIP70 Payment Request Fix. There were potentially subtle bugs in how we
    handled BIP70. Nothing major. They have been fixed. #1615 (cculianu & Mark
  • iOS: Add SLP-awareness & protection to the UI. (cculianu)
  • Misc. refactoring, nits, and bugfixes (cculianu, Mark Lundeberg)
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