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BOSSA is a flash programming utility for Atmel's SAM family of flash-based ARM microcontrollers. The motivation behind BOSSA is to create a simple, easy-to-use, open source utility to replace Atmel's SAM-BA software. BOSSA is an acronym for Basic Open Source SAM-BA Application to reflect that goal.
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BOSSA 1.7.0-mattairtech-3

Updated timeout for D51 1MB FLASH (5 second erase). Adds support for:

  • ATSAMD21J16B
  • ATSAMD21J15B
  • ATSAMD21G16B
  • ATSAMD21G15B
  • ATSAMD21E16B (thanks aksonlyaks)
  • ATSAMD21E15B

BOSSA 1.7.0-mattairtech-2

This version improves support for the SAML21 and SAMC21. It also adds support for the SAMD51 (M4F):

  • ATSAMD51P20A
  • ATSAMD51P19A
  • ATSAMD51N20A
  • ATSAMD51N19A
  • ATSAMD51J20A
  • ATSAMD51J19A
  • ATSAMD51J18A
  • ATSAMD51G19A
  • ATSAMD51G18A

BOSSA 1.7.0-mattairtech-1

This version merges in upstream changes from BOSSA 1.7.0-arduino.

BOSSA 1.6.1-arduino-mattairtech-2

1.6.1-arduino-mattairtech-2 corrects SAML CHIPID information in Devices.h.

This version of BOSSA is a fork of BOSSA 1.6.1-arduino. It adds support for more M0+ chips, the SAML and SAMC:

  • ATSAML21E18B
  • ATSAML21E17B
  • ATSAML21E16B
  • ATSAML21E15B
  • ATSAML21G18B
  • ATSAML21G17B
  • ATSAML21G16B
  • ATSAML21J18B
  • ATSAML21J17B
  • ATSAML21J16B
  • ATSAMC21E18A
  • ATSAMC21E17A
  • ATSAMC21E16A
  • ATSAMC21E15A
  • ATSAMC21G18A
  • ATSAMC21G17A
  • ATSAMC21G16A
  • ATSAMC21G15A
  • ATSAMC21J18A
  • ATSAMC21J17A
  • ATSAMC21J16A
  • ATSAMC21J15A

BOSSA 1.5-arduino-mattairtech-1

This version of BOSSA is a fork of BOSSA 1.5-arduino. It adds support for more SAMD chips:

  • ATSAMD21E17A
  • ATSAMD21E16A
  • ATSAMD21E15A
  • ATSAMD21G17A
  • ATSAMD21G16A
  • ATSAMD21G15A
  • ATSAMD21J17A
  • ATSAMD21J16A
  • ATSAMD21J15A
  • ATSAMD11C14A

This adds to the previously supported SAMD chips:

  • ATSAMD21J18A
  • ATSAMD21G18A
  • ATSAMD21E18A

Only the ATSAMD21E18A, ATSAMD21E17A, and ATSAMD11D14AM have been tested with this fork.

All of the D21 chips must use an 8KB bootloader, while the DR1 and D11 must use a 4KB bootloader. See Devices.h for more information.

BOSSA 1.4 for Arduino

This version of BOSSA is a fork of the original project and contains some patches specific for the Arduino products that are unlike to be accepted upstream.

The original software is developed by Scott Shumate and can be found here:

BOSSA 1.5-arduino

  • Added Codelite project for easier development and debug.
  • Improved support for SAMD21 chip by using existing applet already in use for other devices.
    • Added time count for operations erase, write, read and verify.
    • Added Devices.h for global definitions for each devices.
    • NVMFlash::write() rewritten.
    • Removed some useless functions from 1.4 release.
    • Added a mask for SAMD chipid: DIE and REV bitfields are not taken into account as they may vary in the time without impacting the features.
    • Improved write time performance by a factor of 2x

BOSSA 1.4-arduino

  • Added support for SAMD21 chip


FILES bossa-1.2.msi -- Windows 2000+ bossa64-1.2.msi -- Windows 2000+ 64-bit bossa-i686-1.2.tgz -- Linux GTK bossa-x86_64-1.2.tgz -- Linux GTK 64-bit bossa-1.2.dmg -- MAC OS X 10.6+


  • New BOSSA shell command line application to do basic memory, flash, and PIO diagnostics
  • Workaround for SAM3U firmware bug
  • Fixed a bug with setting boot to flash bit on SAM3 devices


  • The OS X USB driver detects an Atmel device as a USB modem. When prompted about a new network interface, click Cancel to continue.
  • Some stability issues have been seen with the OS X USB driver using BOSSA. When running BOSSA a second time to the same Atmel device, the USB driver can lock up causing BOSSA to freeze. As a workaround, always disconnect and reconnect the Atmel device before running BOSSA again.
  • The firmware inside of SAM3U devices has a bug where non-word flash reads return zero instead of the real data. BOSSA implements a transparent workaround for flash operations that copies flash to SRAM before reading. Direct reads using the BOSSA shell will see the bug.
  • There are reports that the USB controller in some AMD-based systems has difficulty communicating with SAM devices. The only known workaround is to use a different, preferrably Intel-based, system.
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