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A very simple PHP Telegram Bot API.
Compliant with the April 16, 2022 Telegram Bot API update.


  • PHP >= 5.3
  • Curl extension for PHP5 must be enabled.
  • Telegram API key, you can get one simply with @BotFather with simple commands right after creating your bot.

For the WebHook:

  • An VALID SSL certificate (Telegram API requires this). You can use Cloudflare's Free Flexible SSL which crypts the web traffic from end user to their proxies if you're using CloudFlare DNS.
    Since the August 29 update you can use a self-signed ssl certificate.

For the getUpdates(Long Polling):

  • Some way to execute the script in order to serve messages (for example cronjob)


Using Composer

From your project directory, run:

composer require eleirbag89/telegrambotphp


php composer.phar require eleirbag89/telegrambotphp

Note: If you don't have Composer you can download it HERE.

Using release archives

Using Git

From a project directory, run:

git clone


Via Composer's autoloader

After downloading by using Composer, you can include Composer's autoloader:

include (__DIR__ . '/vendor/autoload.php');

$telegram = new Telegram('YOUR TELEGRAM TOKEN HERE');

Via TelegramBotPHP class

Copy Telegram.php into your server and include it in your new bot script:

include 'Telegram.php';

$telegram = new Telegram('YOUR TELEGRAM TOKEN HERE');

Note: To enable error log file, also copy TelegramErrorLogger.php in the same directory of Telegram.php file.

Configuration (WebHook)

Navigate to Or use the Telegram class setWebhook method.


$telegram = new Telegram('YOUR TELEGRAM TOKEN HERE');

$chat_id = $telegram->ChatID();
$content = array('chat_id' => $chat_id, 'text' => 'Test');

If you want to get some specific parameter from the Telegram response:

$telegram = new Telegram('YOUR TELEGRAM TOKEN HERE');

$result = $telegram->getData();
$text = $result['message'] ['text'];
$chat_id = $result['message'] ['chat']['id'];
$content = array('chat_id' => $chat_id, 'text' => 'Test');

To upload a Photo or some other files, you need to load it with CurlFile:

// Load a local file to upload. If is already on Telegram's Servers just pass the resource id
$img = curl_file_create('test.png','image/png'); 
$content = array('chat_id' => $chat_id, 'photo' => $img );

To download a file on the Telegram's servers

$file = $telegram->getFile($file_id);
$telegram->downloadFile($file['result']['file_path'], './my_downloaded_file_on_local_server.png');

See update.php or update cowsay.php for the complete example. If you wanna see the CowSay Bot in action add it.

If you want to use getUpdates instead of the WebHook you need to call the the serveUpdate function inside a for cycle.

$telegram = new Telegram('YOUR TELEGRAM TOKEN HERE');

$req = $telegram->getUpdates();

for ($i = 0; $i < $telegram-> UpdateCount(); $i++) {
	// You NEED to call serveUpdate before accessing the values of message in Telegram Class
	$text = $telegram->Text();
	$chat_id = $telegram->ChatID();

	if ($text == '/start') {
		$reply = 'Working';
		$content = array('chat_id' => $chat_id, 'text' => $reply);

See getUpdates.php for the complete example.


For a complete and up-to-date functions documentation check

Build keyboards

Telegram's bots can have two different kind of keyboards: Inline and Reply.
The InlineKeyboard is linked to a particular message, while the ReplyKeyboard is linked to the whole chat.
They are both an array of array of buttons, which rapresent the rows and columns.
For instance you can arrange a ReplyKeyboard like this: ReplyKeabordExample using this code:

$option = array( 
    //First row
    array($telegram->buildKeyboardButton("Button 1"), $telegram->buildKeyboardButton("Button 2")), 
    //Second row 
    array($telegram->buildKeyboardButton("Button 3"), $telegram->buildKeyboardButton("Button 4"), $telegram->buildKeyboardButton("Button 5")), 
    //Third row
    array($telegram->buildKeyboardButton("Button 6")) );
$keyb = $telegram->buildKeyBoard($option, $onetime=false);
$content = array('chat_id' => $chat_id, 'reply_markup' => $keyb, 'text' => "This is a Keyboard Test");

When a user click on the button, the button text is send back to the bot.
For an InlineKeyboard it's pretty much the same (but you need to provide a valid URL or a Callback data) InlineKeabordExample

$option = array( 
    //First row
    array($telegram->buildInlineKeyBoardButton("Button 1", $url=""), $telegram->buildInlineKeyBoardButton("Button 2", $url="")), 
    //Second row 
    array($telegram->buildInlineKeyBoardButton("Button 3", $url=""), $telegram->buildInlineKeyBoardButton("Button 4", $url=""), $telegram->buildInlineKeyBoardButton("Button 5", $url="")), 
    //Third row
    array($telegram->buildInlineKeyBoardButton("Button 6", $url="")) );
$keyb = $telegram->buildInlineKeyBoard($option);
$content = array('chat_id' => $chat_id, 'reply_markup' => $keyb, 'text' => "This is a Keyboard Test");

This is the list of all the helper functions to make keyboards easily:

buildKeyBoard(array $options, $onetime=true, $resize=true, $selective=true)

Send a custom keyboard. $option is an array of array KeyboardButton.
Check ReplyKeyBoardMarkUp for more info.

buildInlineKeyBoard(array $inline_keyboard)

Send a custom keyboard. $inline_keyboard is an array of array InlineKeyboardButton.
Check InlineKeyboardMarkup for more info.

buildInlineKeyBoardButton($text, $url, $callback_data, $switch_inline_query)

Create an InlineKeyboardButton.
Check InlineKeyBoardButton for more info.

buildKeyBoardButton($text, $url, $request_contact, $request_location)

Create a KeyboardButton.
Check KeyBoardButton for more info.


Hide a custom keyboard.
Check ReplyKeyBoarHide for more info.


Show a Reply interface to the user.
Check ForceReply for more info.


For a list of emoticons to use in your bot messages, please refer to the column Bytes of this table:


This open-source software is distributed under the MIT License. See


All kinds of contributions are welcome - code, tests, documentation, bug reports, new features, etc...

  • Send feedbacks.
  • Submit bug reports.
  • Write/Edit the documents.
  • Fix bugs or add new features.

Contact me

You can contact me via Telegram but if you have an issue please open one.

Support me

You can support me using via LiberaPay Donate using Liberapay

or buy me a beer or two using Paypal.