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PermaplanT is a web app for planning permaculture.

Client Requirements

  • Browsers: Firefox, Chromium, Vivaldi, Edge, Opera
  • RAM: >4GB for small places, >8GB for larger places


Start reading in /doc/architecture/ The documentation is best viewed by running the following commands in the projects root folder:

make run-mdbook

Which will open /doc/architecture/ as first page.

The documentation is also hosted for PR/Development/Release:

Branch Backend Documentation (Cargo) General Documentation (mdBook) API Documentation (Swagger UI) Frontend Documentation (Storybook)
Pull Request cargodoc mdbook swaggerui storybook
Development cargodoc mdbook swaggerui storybook
Production cargodoc mdbook swaggerui storybook

Makefile commands

Type make help to see all commands. The Makefile consists of frequently used workflows. For more detailed executions have a look inside the specific subfolders.

Some of the commands require env variables to be set. Have a look at backend env variables, frontend env variables and scraper env variables

Important links:

Community and Contributing

PermaplanT is developed by us and by users like you. We welcome both pull requests and issues on GitHub. Check out the contributing docs.

Information about developing can be found under our development setup.