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This is a list of people that contributed to the Elektra project.

Markus Raab

maintainer, main development, documentation, quality

Manuel Mausz

bindings, swig, gobject, main development

Felix Berlakovich

journald plugin, augeas plugin, keytometa, main development

Pino Toscano

Debian packaging, documentation

Kai-Uwe Behrmann

test & packaging on CentOS, Fedora, OpenSUSE, RHEL and SLE

Christopher Meng

Fedora packaging

Ian S. Donnelly

Google Summer of Code 2014

Charles Lindsay

ni library

Gabriel Rauter

desktop environment integration & usability

Avi Alkalay

initial concept & implementation, previous website

Yannick Lecaillez

previous Mandriva packaging

Jens Andersen

bug fixing

Patrick Sabin

trie development, previous python bindings


design of Elektra logo & previous website

Pier Luigi Fiorini

pkg-config file


xml schema

Andreas Rottmann

previous Debian packaging and 0.7 scheme bindings

Simon Law

previous Debian packaging

Daniel Bugl

documentation, web ui

Kurt Micheli

optimizing ksLookup with order preserving minimal perfect hash map, markdown link converter for doxygen

Alexander Rössler

improvements to the dbus plugin

Peter Nirschl

development of the crypto plugin, minor bug fixes, BSD/macOS support

René Schwaiger

documentation, bug fixes

Marvin Mall

development of the REST service & frontend for sharing of conf. snippets, cachefilter plugin, website

Thomas Waser

main development, many plugins

Raffael Pancheri

design and implementation of the qt-gui

Bernhard Denner

ruby bindings, ruby plugin, build server, Puppet module

Thomas Wahringer

notification system, I/O bindings