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Ideas for Contributing to Elektra

This page is the first point for anyone interested in contributing to Elektra!

How can I get started?

We prepared good first issues for you.

  • We encourage you to improve documentation.
  • In the source code, you should look into libs and plugins.
  • You can always peek into the TODOs, if you don't know what to do.
  • An ideal project is to elektrify some free software.

Elektrify means:

  • Patch the application so that it uses Elektra as its configuration system.
  • Write a specification that describes how the configuration of the application looks like.

If you are interested in directly improving Elektra, other projects might be of more interest to you:

  • Further configuration file formats could be supported.
  • The qt-gui could be improved.
  • Your own ideas?

What are the requirements to participate?

Anyone can join!

First you should familiarize with the Elektra Initiative:

  • If you did not yet look at the home page please do so!
  • Look into the contributing guidelines
  • Look into the issue tracker and pick an easy task.
  • Say hello in the issue you are interested in participating, or create a new issue.
  • Create a PR which solves the task as good as you can.
  • We will give you further feedback how you can improve.