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* @file
* @brief
* @copyright BSD License (see or
#include <kdb.h>
#include <stdio.h>
int main (void)
KeySet * config = ksNew (0, KS_END);
Key * root = keyNew ("user/test", KEY_END);
printf ("Open key database\n");
KDB * handle = kdbOpen (root);
printf ("Retrieve key set\n");
kdbGet (handle, config, root);
printf ("Number of key-value pairs: %zd\n", ksGetSize (config));
Key * key = keyNew ("user/test/hello", KEY_VALUE, "elektra", KEY_END);
printf ("Add key %s\n", keyName (key));
ksAppendKey (config, key);
printf ("Number of key-value pairs: %zd\n", ksGetSize (config));
printf ("\n%s, %s\n\n", keyBaseName (key), keyString (key));
// If you want to store the key database on disk, then please uncomment the following two lines
// printf ("Write key set to disk\n");
// kdbSet (handle, config, root);
printf ("Delete key-value pairs inside memory\n");
ksDel (config);
printf ("Close key database\n");
kdbClose (handle, 0);
return 0;
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