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@@ -75,7 +75,17 @@ The hybrid search algorithm is now implemented, this concludes the extension of
[order preserving minimal perfect hash map (OPMPHM)](
The hybrid search combines the best properties of the binary search and the [OPMPHM](
The hybrid search decides dynamically which search algorithm to use, the API user can overrule the hybrid search by passing
`KDB_O_OPMPHM` or `KDB_O_OPMPHM` to the `ksLookup (...)`. *(Kurt Micheli)*
`KDB_O_OPMPHM` or `KDB_O_OPMPHM` to the `ksLookup (...)`. The constants are defined in [kdbproposal.h](*(Kurt Micheli)*
#### Results
The implemented randomized [OPMPHM](
algorithm is in 99.5% of the measured random cases optimal. However the randomization property of the algorithm leaves an uncertainty.
The results made with random cases had shown that the hybrid search is except for small keyset sizes almost always faster
compared to the standalone binary search. The performance increase strongly depended on the measured hardware. In the random cases
where the hybrid search is faster, on average ~8.53% to ~20.92% of time was saved.
The implemented hybrid search works only above a keyset size of `599` to exclude the small keyset sizes.
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