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Minor documentation updates
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@@ -66,6 +66,7 @@ set (Elektra_STATIC @BUILD_STATIC@)
# If <output_dir> is not set explicitly, it defaults to `CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR`.
# `<params>...` and `<options>...` are omitted from the `kdb gen` call, if they aren't defined.
# Full examples can be found online:
# ~~~
function (elektra_kdb_gen
@@ -7,11 +7,9 @@ with the basic features explained in [`kdb-gen-highlevel(1)`](kdb-gen-highlevel.

The parameters that are relevant to the concepts described here are (for the rest see [`kdb-gen-highlevel(1)](

- `enumConv`: allowed values: `strcmp`, `switch`, `auto` (default)
- `embeddedSpec`: allowed values: `full` (default), `defaults`, `none`
- `specValidation`: allowed values: `none` (default), `minimal`

The `enumConv` option is described [below](#enums).
- `enumConv`: allowed values: `strcmp`, `switch`, `auto` (default)

Using `embeddedSpec` you can configure how much of the specification is embedded into your application. By default we use `full`. This means
the full specification is embedded into your application's binary. Since this can drastically increase the size of the binary, you can also
@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ If you specifically want to use it with the High-Level API take a look at [this

We also created a new CMake function that will be available, if you include Elektra via CMake's
`find_package`. The function is called `elektra_kdb_gen` and can be used to tell CMake about files
that are generated via `kdb gen`. _(Klemens Böswirth)_
that are generated with `kdb gen`. _(Klemens Böswirth)_

### <<HIGHLIGHT2>>

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