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Issue Template: Explicitly specify namespace

This update makes sure the Markdown Shell Recorder test also works, if
it is executed by the root user.
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sanssecours committed Jan 18, 2019
1 parent c7c3558 commit 8f7fec001c75145a1d329e90e5a00776dec2431b
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@@ -9,18 +9,17 @@ Please provide a step by step guide on how to reproduce the problem here. If pos

kdb set /tests/hello world
#> Using name user/tests/hello
kdb set user/tests/hello world
#> Create a new key user/tests/hello with string "world"
kdb get /tests/hello
kdb get user/tests/hello
#> world
kdb get user/does/not/exist
# RET: 11
# STDERR: [Dd]id not find key 'user/does/not/exist'
kdb rm /tests/hello
kdb rm user/tests/hello

If your key database (KDB) might influence the outcome, please use `kdb stash`

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