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# Purpose
## Basics
Describe the purpose of the pull request.
Long descriptions should be in documentation and not here.
Do not describe the purpose here but:
# Checklist
- [ ] Short descriptions should be in the release notes (added as entry in
doc/news/ which contains `*(my name)*`)
**Please always add something to the the release notes.**
- [ ] Longer descriptions should be in documentation or in design decisions.
- [ ] Describe details of how you changed the code in commit messages
(first line should have `module: short statement` syntax)
- [ ] References to issues, e.g. `close #X`, should be in the commit messages.
Check relevant points but please do not remove entries.
For docu fixes, spell checking, and similar nothing
needs to be checked.
## Checklist
Check relevant points but **please do not remove entries**.
For docu fixes, spell checking, and similar none of these points below
need to be checked.
- [ ] commit messages are fine ("module: short statement" syntax and refer to issues)
- [ ] I added unit tests
- [ ] I ran all tests locally and everything went fine
- [ ] affected documentation is fixed
- [ ] I added code comments, logging, and assertions (see doc/
- [ ] meta data is updated (e.g. of plugins)
- [ ] release notes are updated (doc/news/
## Review
Remove the line below and add the "work in progress" label if you do
not want the PR to be reviewed:
@markus2330 please review my pull request

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