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  • infos = Information about type plugin is in keys below
  • infos/author = Markus Raab elektra@libelektra.org
  • infos/licence = BSD
  • infos/provides = check
  • infos/needs =
  • infos/placements = presetstorage
  • infos/status = maintained nodep memleak unfinished old
  • infos/metadata = check/type type check/type/min check/type/max
  • infos/description = type checker using COBRA data types


This plugin is a type checker plugin using the CORBA data types.

A common and successful type system happens to be CORBA. The system is well suited because of the many well-defined mappings it provides to other programming languages.

The type checker plugin supports all basic CORBA types: short, unsigned_short, long, unsigned_long, long_long, unsigned_long_long, float, double, char, boolean, any and octet. When checking any it will always be successful, regardless of the content.


empty and FSType are deprecated. Please use regular expressions or enums instead.

Sometimes the type should expresses that, for example, both an empty or another type is valid. This type checker allowed a space-separated list of types to expresses that. If any of those types match, the whole type was valid. For example, the type string empty equals the type any. This facility builds a union of the sets of instances existing types specify. It is now deprecated due to a more general sum type facility.

check/type/min and check/type/max are deprecated, please use the range plugin instead.


sudo kdb mount typetest.dump user/tests/type dump type
kdb set user/tests/type/key a
kdb setmeta user/tests/type/key check/type char

kdb get user/tests/type/key
#> a

kdb rm user/tests/type/key
sudo kdb umount user/tests/type


wchar is missing.

Enum and records are part of other plugins.

The CORBA type system also has its limits. The types string and enum can be unsatisfactory. While string is too general and makes no limit on how the sequence of characters is structured, the enumeration is too finite. For example, it is not possible to say that a string is not allowed to have a specific symbol in it. Combine this plugin with other type checker plugins to circumvent such limitations.