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Hasaki node version

A simple file generator for all exist projects.


Prerequisites: Node.js ( >= 5.8.0 preferred ). 4.x should also work, but we haven't test it yet.

$ npm install -g hasaki-cli


In your project root directory

$ hasaki init

If you want to use default configuration, you can use

$ hasaki init -y

to generate a default .hasakirc file.

see more information by use

$ hasaki -h

Create files

After get your .hasakirc file, simply run

$ hasaki create <page-name> <rule-name><,rule-name2>...

it will automatically create some <page-name> files according to your <rule-name> configuration. You can apply multi <rule-name> by set them one by one or create a new rule and put all the target rule into an array, we call this new rule a rule group.


.hasakirc is hasaki config file, it will automatically generate when you use hasaki init . But you can also write or modify the whole file manually. Make sure the content type should be json.

configuration fields

  • name Project name, default value a hasaki project.

  • rules type Array

    • ruleName type Object, A name for your current rule.

      • describe type String, describe for your rule. (optional)
      • templates type Array

        • source type String, source template file or directory.
        • target type String, target directory.
        • keepFileName type Boolean.
        • placeholder type String, use to translate <your-placeholder-value> to <page-name> (optional)
        • suffix the suffix for the target file.
        • prefix the prefix for the target file.

More about placeholder:
You can set this value to add a placeholder in your template file. hasaki will look for your template file and replace all the placeholder to the <page-name> which you've set in hasaki create <page-name> <rule-name>. The default value is __name。 In some case, you can set it to __Name or __NAME。 When placeholder's first letter is uppercase the <page-name>'s first letter will set to uppercase. So it's easy to see __NAME will make the whole <page-name> become uppercase.

Default .hasakirc

Our default .hasakirc looks like

  "name": "a hasaki project",
  "rules": [
      "rule-name": {
        "describe": "this is a rule example (you must modify the templates below to fit your need)",
        "templates": [
            "source": "",
            "target": "",
            "keepFileName": false,
            "placeholder": ""


请在提交 PR 前阅读我们的贡献指南