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Find file Copy path
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"secondary": "color(primary s(99%) l(*0.9))",
"darkWhite": "color(#fff blend(primary 2%))",
"baseBlack": "color(primary h(+6) s(33%) l(18%))",
"lightBlack": "color(baseBlack h(+5) s(27%) l(27%))",
"extraLightBlack": "color(baseBlack h(+2) s(19%) l(35%))",
"baseSilver": "color(baseBlack h(+3) s(16%) l(58%))",
"lightSilver": "color(baseBlack h(+3) s(23%) l(67%))",
"extraLightSilver": "color(baseBlack s(26%) l(80%))",
"baseGray": "color(baseBlack s(28%) l(86%))",
"lightGray": "color(baseBlack h(+10) s(33%) l(92%))",
"extraLightGray": "color(baseBlack h(+6) s(33%) l(95%))",
"buttonActive": "color(primary shade(10%))",
"buttonHover": "color(primary tint(20%))",
"tableBorder": "color(extraLightSilver h(-3) s(27%) l(90%))",
"datepickerInRange": "color(primary tint(80%))",
"datepickerInRangeHover": "color(primary tint(64%))",
"selectOptionSelected": "color(primary shade(12%))",
"lightBackground": "color(primary tint(92%))",
"emptyText": "color(primary s(16%) l(44%))"
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