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0.9.3 Federal Qualitative Strengthening

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@cdecker cdecker released this 20 Jan 17:39
· 5186 commits to master since this release

We're pleased to announce the 0.9.3 release of c-lightning, named by Karol Hosiawa.

This is a minor release, but it also introduces a number of new features that we're really exited about, including a number of usability improvements, better access to lower-level primitives to build on top, and experimental extensions to the lightning protocol.

Highlights for Users

  • Much improved parameter verification in lightning-cli makes it easier to debug why a call failed.
  • You can now query for the status of an invoice based on the hash or the invoice.
  • Plugins that are started while the node is running can now receive command line arguments as if they were provided at node startup.
  • The security of the hsmtool used to encrypt and decrypt the node's seed key was improved by switching to a passphrase prompt
    instead of a command line argument.
  • Multiple plugins can now register for the db_write hook, which means you can now run multiple backup plugins at the same time. In addition we wrote extensive documentation on how to secure your node from dataloss.

Highlights for the Network

  • No more reckless: the default network changed from testnet to bitcoin.
  • We have experimental support for the onion messages proposal, allowing arbitrary messages to be exchanged between nodes in the network.
  • We have experimental support for the offers proposal, enabling reusable invoices, refunds, invoices denominated in currencies other than bitcoins, and much much more. If you ever wanted to have an inline communication step with the other endpoint of a payment then take a look at this.

Highlights for Developers

  • pyln now supports both receiving notifications from the RPC interface, as well as sending notifications in methods implemented by plugins. No more waiting in front of a blank screen for your users.
  • The new createinvoice allows you to create an invoice externally, then have your node sign it and manage it internally.
  • You can use sendonionmessage to send an onion routed message, which recipient can receive using a plugin that register for the onion_message or onion_message_blinded hook.

More details can be found in the changelog

Thanks to everyone for their contributions and bug reports; please keep them coming.

Since 0.9.2, we've had 360 commits from 13 different authors over 60 days, an average commit rate of 6.51 commits per day 🤓

A special thanks goes to the 2 first time contributors:

  • João Paulo
  • Karol Hosiawa

Christian, Rusty, Lisa, ZmnSCPxj