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A simple Lightning ⚡️ point-of-sale system, powered by Lightning Charge
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npm release MIT license Pull Requests Welcome IRC

A simple Lightning ⚡️ point-of-sale system with a clean & minimal web UI.

  • Optimized for places selling fixed-price items (like coffee shops, falafel stands or barber shops), but also has an option for billing custom amounts.
  • Small codebase (~60 server-side LoC + ~70 client-side LoC), great starting point for developing your own Lightning Charge apps!

Powered by ⚡️ Lightning Charge.

See demo video here ➤


$ npm install -g nanopos

$ edit items.yaml # see file format below

$ nanopos --items-path items.yaml --charge-token mySecretToken --currency USD
HTTP server running on localhost:9116

Running with Docker

Nanopos includes a Dockerfile to allow for fast setup using a docker container based on node:carbon. To run from the container with port 9116 exposed, first setup Lightning Charge, then build the image with:

$ docker build -t elements_project/nanopos .

and then run with:

$ docker run -p9116:9116 -e CHARGE_URL=http://[charge-url]/ -e CHARGE_TOKEN=[access-token] elements_project/nanopos

That's it! The web server should now be running on port 9116 and ready to accept payments.

Example items.yaml file

  price: 0.02 # denominated in the currency specified by --currency
  title: Green Tea # title is optional, defaults to the key

  price: 1

  price: 3

  price: 7

  price: 15

tshirt (S):
  price: 25
    shirt_size: S

The metadata object will be added into the metadata of invoices for this item.

CLI options

$ nanopos --help

  A simple Lightning point-of-sale system, powered by Lightning Charge.

    $ nanopos [options]

    -c, --charge-url <url>      lightning charge server url [default: http://localhost:9112]
    -t, --charge-token <token>  lightning charge access token [required]

    -y, --items-path <path>     path to yaml file with item config [default: ./items.yaml, file is required]
    -x, --currency <currency>   currency to use for item prices [default: BTC]
    -m, --theme <name>          pick theme from [default: yeti]
    -l, --title <name>          website title [default: Lightning Nano POS]
    --no-custom                 disable custom amount field [default: false]
    --show-bolt11               display bolt11 as text and button [default: false]

    -p, --port <port>           http server port [default: 9115]
    -i, --host <host>           http server listen address [default:]
    -h, --help                  output usage information
    -v, --version               output version number

    $ nanopos -t chargeSecretToken -x EUR -y items.yaml



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