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Question2Answer Best Users per Month v1.1


This is a plugin for Question2Answer that displays the best users of the current month in a widget and on a separate page


  • displays a widget that holds the best users of the current month regarding their stored userpoints
  • provides a page for showing best users of previous months, access-URL
  • the plugin creates a table "qa_userscores" in your database to store monthly userpoints
  • you need to setup a cronjob for file "cronjob.php" that is called the first day of each month, so that monthly userscores get stored
  • Before installing the plugin, please think about your point system (>Admin >Points). The points should not change over time, as the plugin stores recent userpoints each month over time. If you change userpoints later on, the userscores shown for the recent month could vary a lot.


This plugin is used at (q2a-forum for mathematics). See also screenshot in the plugin files.


  1. Install Question2Answer
  2. Get the source code for this plugin directly from github
  3. Extract the files.
  4. Change language strings in file qa-best-users-per-month-lang.php
  5. Optional: Change settings in file qa-best-users-per-month-widget.php and qa-best-users-per-month-page.php
  6. Upload the files to a subfolder called best-users-per-month inside the qa-plugins folder of your Q2A installation.
  7. Navigate to your site, go to Admin -> Plugins on your q2a install. Check if plugin "Best Users per Month" is listed. This will automatically install the table qa_userscores.
  8. Then go to Admin >Layout >Available widgets, and add the widget "Best Users per Month", set its position to: Side panel - Below sidebar box
  9. Setup a cronjob for file qa-plugin/best-users-per-month/cronjob/cronjob.php, and call it the first day of each month (it stores the monthly userpoints into table qa_userscores)
  10. Run cronjob.php once. This will save all recent userpoints as userscores. Do not wonder: Afterwards all userscores will start with 0 points.


This is beta code. It is probably okay for production environments, but may not work exactly as expected. You bear the risk. Refunds will not be given!

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.


All code herein is OpenSource. Feel free to build upon it and share with the world.

About q2a

Question2Answer is a free and open source platform for Q&A sites. For more information, visit:

Final Note

If you use the plugin: + Consider joining the Question2Answer-Forum, answer some questions or write your own plugin! + You can use the code of this plugin to learn more about q2a-plugins. It is commented code. + Thanks!


This is a plugin for Question2Answer that displays the best users of the current month in a widget and on a separate page






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