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namespace Beryllium\CacheBundle;
* Minimum requirements for interfacing with a typical key-value store
* @package
* @version $id$
* @author Kevin Boyd <>
* @license See
interface CacheClientInterface
* Retrieve the value corresponding to a provided key
* @param string $key Unique identifier
* @access public
* @return mixed Result from the cache
public function get( $key );
* Add a value to the cache under a unique key
* @param string $key Unique key to identify the data
* @param mixed $value Data to store in the cache
* @param int $ttl Lifetime for stored data (in seconds)
* @access public
* @return void
public function set( $key, $value, $ttl );
* Check the state of the cache
* @access public
* @return boolean True if the cache is in a usable state, otherwise false
public function isSafe();
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