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PermTrigger Bukkit/Spigot.

A plug-in for Spigot that triggers commands based upon permssion assignments.

This plug-in allows you to define commands to be executed at the console when a specific permission is added or removed from a player.

It will work without a permission plugin but performs better with Groupmanager 2.6+ or LuckPerms 5.1+.

After first run it will create a demo perm_triggers.json in the plugin/PermTriggers/ folder.

You can set to load (and refresh) from a json file or to pull the file from a webserver.

Example perm_triggers.json

# This file contains permission triggers.
# Triggers are sets of commands to be issue at the console
# when a permission is added to, or removed from a player.
# Commands can have prefixes to perform specific tasks.
# '#broadcast' '#tell'
  "player.creative": {
    "forced": true,
    "added": [
      "gamemode creative {player}",
      "#broadcast {player} has become enlightened!"
    "removed": [
      "gamemode survival {player}",
      "#broadcast {player} has equipped leaded boots."
  "player.speed": {
    "added": [
      "effect give {player} speed 1700 5 true",
	  "effect give {player} haste 1700 3 true",
      "#tell You have become fast!"
    "removed": [
      "effect clear {player} speed",
	  "effect clear {player} haste",
      "#tell Slow down speedy!"
  "player.op": {
    "added": [
      "op {player}"
    "removed": [
      "deop {player}"

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