Added a fix to prevent outpost exploit. Added a new flag war setting to only conquer outposts. Fixed negative upkeep #110

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Current towny behaviour allows users to claim an outpost, and then claim townblocks adjacent to it as non-outpost townblocks. This makes them exploit the outpost limit, because they can simply disband the outpost, claim it as standard town block, and do it again and again with as many areas as they want. I simply changed the isEdgeBlock method to not count adjacent outpost townblocks as town borders.

The second change adds a new mechanic I enabled on my server, and I thought others could enjoy it: that's a simple config option to only enable players to place flags on outpost blocks.

The third fix is about negative nation upkeeps: the economy handler tried to withdraw a negative amount (not supported by vault - not tested on other economy providers) instead of depositing a positive one, and I fixed it

FrancescoDeSa added some commits Oct 2, 2013

Outpost fix + flag war setting
- Standard town blocks can no longer be claimed near outposts,
preventing exploiting them
- Added a flag war setting that allows to place flags only on outposts

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ElgarL Dec 16, 2013


This pull will likely not get merged as it will break the operation of outposts.


ElgarL commented Dec 16, 2013

This pull will likely not get merged as it will break the operation of outposts.

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