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Elgg is an open source rapid development framework for socially aware web applications.


  • Well-documented core API that allows developers to kick start their new project with a simple learning curve
  • Composer is the package manager of choice that greatly simplifes installation and maintenance of Elgg core and plugins
  • Flexible system of hooks and events that allows plugins to extend and modify most aspects of application's functionality and behavior
  • Extendable system of views that allows plugins to collaborate on application's presentation layer and built out complex custom themes
  • Cacheable system of static assets that allows themes and plugins to serve images, stylesheets, fonts and scripts bypassing the engine
  • User authentication is powered by pluggable auth modules, which allow applications to implement custom authentication protocols
  • Security is ensured by built-in anti CSRF validation, strict XSS filters, HMAC signatures, latest cryptographic approaches to password hashing
  • Client-side API powered by asynchronous JavaScript modules via RequireJS and a build-in Ajax service for easy communication with the server
  • Flexible entity system that allows applications to prototype new types of content and user interactions
  • Opinionated data model with a consolidated API layer that allows the developers to easily interface with the database
  • Access control system that allows applications to build granular content access policies, as well as create private networks and intranets
  • Groups - out of the box support for user groups
  • File storage powered by flexible API that allows plugins to store user-generated files and serve/stream them without booting the engine
  • Notifications service that allows applications to subscribe users to on-site and email notifications and implement integrations with other their-party services
  • RPC web services that can be used for complex integrations with external applications and mobile clients
  • Internationalization and localization of Elgg applications is simple and can be integrated with third-party services such as Transifex
  • Elgg community that can help with any arising issues and hosts a repository of 1000+ open source plugins

Under the hood:

  • Elgg is a modular OOP framework that is driven by DI services
  • NGINX or Apache compatible
  • Symfony2 HTTP Foundation handles requests and responses
  • RequireJS handles AMD
  • Zend Mail handles outgoing email
  • htmLawed XSS filters
  • Composer asset plugin for NPM/Bower dependencies
  • DBAL
  • Phinx database migrations
  • CSS-Crush for CSS preprocessing
  • Imagine for image manipulation
  • Memcached support
  • Redis support (not CI-tested)
  • Error handling with Monolog

Elgg Foundation

Elgg is managed by the Elgg Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was founded to govern, protect, and promote the Elgg open source social network engine. The Foundation aims to provide a stable, commercially and individually independent organization that operates in the best interest of Elgg as an open source project.

The Elgg project was started in 2004 by


Copyright (c) 2008-2017, see COPYRIGHT.txt

Elgg is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT-X11) License.

See LICENSE.txt in the root of the package you downloaded.


For installation instructions, see

For upgrade instructions, see


The project site can be found at

Visit for more information about Elgg.


For development credits, see CONTRIBUTORS.txt.