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* This snippet demonstrates how to change the value of a hook. The content
* passed into the hook is 'This is some Sample Content.'. After the two hook
* handlers are done, the new content is 'This is some $@mple Content.'.
// the output:page hook is triggered by elgg_view_page().
elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('output', 'page', 'example_plugin_hook_handler', 600);
elgg_register_plugin_hook_handler('output', 'page', 'example_plugin_hook_handler_2', 601);
function example_plugin_hook_handler($hook, $type, $value, $params) {
// change a to @
$value = str_replace('a', '@', $value);
return $value;
function example_plugin_hook_handler_2($hook, $type, $value, $params) {
// change S to $
$value = str_replace('S', '$', $value);
return $value;
$content = 'This is some Sample Content.';
echo elgg_view_page('Title', $content);
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