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@@ -76,6 +76,23 @@ New notification events can be registered with the `elgg_register_notification_e
function. Notifications about registered events will be sent automatically to all
subscribed users.
This is the workflow of the notifications system:
#. Someone does an action that triggers an event within Elgg
- The action can be ``create``, ``update`` or ``delete``
- The target of the action can be any instance of the ``ElggEntity`` class (e.g. a Blog post)
#. The notifications system saves this event into a notifications queue in the database
#. When the pluging hook handler for the one-minute interval gets triggered, the event is taken from the queue and it gets processed
#. Subscriptions are fetched for the user who triggered the event
- By default this includes all the users who have enabled any notification method
for the user at ``<username>``
#. Plugins are allowed to alter the subscriptions using the ``[get, subscriptions]`` hook
#. Plugins are allowed to alter the notification parameters with the ``[send:before, notifications]`` hook
#. Plugins are allowed to alter the notification message with the ``[prepare, notification:<action>:<type>:<subtype>]`` hook
#. Notifications are sent to each subscriber using the methods they have chosen
- Plugins can take over or prevent sending of each individual notification with the ``[send, notification:<method>]`` hook
#. The ``[send:after, notifications]`` hook is triggered for the event after all notifications have been sent

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