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docs(icons): Add docs for Font Awesome changes in #8578

Fixes #8625
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mrclay committed Jul 2, 2015
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@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ Creating a relationship triggers only one event
Entity relationship creation no longer fires the legacy "create" event using the relationship name as the type. E.g. Listening for the ``"create", "member"`` event will no longer capture group membership additions. Use the ``"create", "relationship"`` event.
Discussion feature has been pulled from groups into its own plugin
The ``object, groupforumtopic`` subtype has been replaced with the
``object, discussion`` subtype. If your plugin is using or altering
@@ -360,6 +360,15 @@ priority. Some of these handlers will most likely be called in a different order
Elgg no longer provides this endpoint for exposing resource data.
Icons migrated to Font Awesome
Elgg's sprites and most of the CSS classes beginning with ``elgg-icon-``
`have been removed <>`_.
Usage of ``elgg_view_icon()`` is backward compatible, but static HTML using the ``elgg-icon``
classes will have to be updated to the new markup.
Introduced third-party library for sending email

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