Ensure all getter and lister functions use 1.7-style API. (Trac #2165) #2165

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Original ticket http://trac.elgg.org/ticket/2165 on 40342570-01-02 by brettp, assigned to unknown.

Elgg version: 1.7

Know to be missing:

  • elgg_list_entities_from_relationship()
  • elgg_get_entities_from_relationship_count()
  • elgg_list_entities_from_relationship_count()
  • elgg_list_entities_from_annotations()

  • elgg_get_annotations()


brettp wrote on 40382858-11-04

Related to #650.


brettp wrote on 40382861-05-18

....or not. #650 is talking about annotation helper functions.


brettp wrote on 40382863-04-01

(In [svn:6102]) Refs #2165: Added elgg_list_entities_from_annotations() to deprecate list_entities_from_annotations().


Title changed from Ensure all elgg_get_entities_*() functions have corresponding elgg_list_entities_*() function to Ensure all getter and lister functions use 1.7-style API. by brettp on 40383105-04-28


Milestone changed to Elgg 1.8 by brettp on 40388440-02-01


ewinslow wrote on 40514420-03-21

Also missing:



Attachment added by ewinslow on 40514702-11-20: 2165_elgg_list_entities_from_access_id.diff


brettp wrote on 40540522-08-13



cash wrote on 40881903-02-11

(In [svn:7335]) Refs #2165 added elgg_get_entities_from_private_settings()


cash wrote on 40881915-07-04

[svn:3610] added elgg_get_entities_from_access_id()


cash wrote on 40882047-07-20

(In [svn:7336]) Refs #2165 adds elgg_get_entities_from_location()


cash wrote on 40883112-11-23

(In [svn:7337]) Refs #1411, #2165 added elgg_list_entities_from_location() and deprecated in_area functions


brettp wrote on 41016392-07-11

Closing this because it's now basically a dupe of #650 and #1411.

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