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Group ACL update breaks if the group ACL hasn't been set correctly (Trac #2412) #2412

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Original ticket on 40639976-01-16 by brettp, assigned to unknown.

Elgg version: 1.7

If the group ACL hasn't been set, code upgrade 2010062301 throws a DB exception. I ran into this when testing 1.7.2 with community's database. The easiest solution is to check that the group ACL is valid before assigning the owner. If it doesn't exist, create it and then let 2010062302 handle assigning group owners.


cash wrote on 40646011-08-09

[svn:6857] should fix this. I going ahead and running the query and catching the exception if it doesn't work. In the catch code, I create the acl and reset the group_acl metadata. I'll leave it for Brett to test and close on the community site clone.


brettp wrote on 40649502-01-10

Cash - Thanks for taking care of this. Confirmed that it's working on the community DB.

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