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ajaxify pagination (Trac #2596) #2596

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Original ticket on 40830035-06-18 by ewinslow, assigned to unknown.

Elgg version: 1.7

With a few modifications to core, we could make this work via ajax.

1) an entity list (include navigation) would have to be wrapped in a div with a user-specified ID.

2) a handler is added using $('selector').live('click',...) to the pagination navigation links.

3) this handler calls $('#internalid').load(href + " #internalid") to refresh the contents of the entity list, including the navigation.

This requires some modifications to core so that ID's can be specified for these lists and so they can be wrapped in div's to sandbox the .load() call. On the upside, it degrades quite gracefully.


Milestone changed to Elgg 1.9 by cash on 40918883-05-01


trac user Purus wrote on 41816537-03-25

Isn't this to be covered by blacktooth's work on ajaxify?

Just curious to know.. :)


brettp wrote on 41817164-02-06

His work included ajax pagination but hasn't been pulled into core yet.


trac user Purus wrote on 41817234-09-24

If the target of blacktooth's ajaxify is 1.8.2, the milestone for this ticket can be changed to 1.8.2. Is that okay?


ewinslow wrote on 41819720-11-26

Ajaxify is not going to be pulled in for 1.8.2. blacktooth added a lot of great features, but I think we still need more clarity on The Right Way to do things before we pull all of that in.


ewinslow wrote on 41819722-03-04

Also, we're trying to avoid adding new features in bugfix releases.


ewinslow wrote on 42516853-04-01

Hey, sem. Thanks for being willing to take this on. I think I'd like to write a design doc so we can really figure out what the appropriate approach is. Care to start one?


trac user sembrestels wrote on 42521171-12-02

I began the page in the community, in the Elgg Feedback and Planning group.

I ask for access to repository to work in this plugin. Except on that, I will continue doing pull requests as usual.


Milestone changed to Elgg 1.9.0 by trac user sembrestels on 42543877-11-06


Milestone changed to Elgg 1.10.0 by cash on 43101274-02-05

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@ewinslow ewinslow removed this from the Elgg 1.10.0 milestone
Elgg member

This has been open for years with no meaningful discussion here so I'm tempted to close, but people still ask for this all the time on the community, so I'll consider that activity enough to let this live.

Elgg member

To move forward on this all our JS has to use event delegation and/or the Drupal-like "behaviors" proposal I put forward. I'm all for making the 2.x cycle all about front end improvements so let's leave this.

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