walled garden: Transparent corners for walled garden backgrounds (Trac #4636) #4636

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Original ticket http://trac.elgg.org/ticket/4636 on 42490068-02-25 by trac user juho.jaakkola, assigned to trac user juho.jaakkola.

Elgg version:

The round corners of background images in _graphics/walled_garden/ should be transparent.

trac user juho.jaakkola wrote on 42490074-09-29

Is there a reason why the views for non-logged in users use background images instead of divs and css?

cash wrote on 42490190-01-22

We would definitely accept a pull request that either switches the images so that the corners are transparent or that switches to using a pure css solution that looks like same. Thanks!

trac user juho.jaakkola wrote on 42495414-11-25

I prefer the css solution so it would be easier to customize. The only problem with it is that the columns in the two-column version wouldn't be as high. Min-height would work with the default login page but not if someone has changed the content of the columns.

cash wrote on 42495637-02-17

That may have been the reason that we chose to use the images. We have to assume that people will change the content (or have site names of different lengths or login boxes with extra information).

trac user juho.jaakkola wrote on 42659992-03-14


Milestone changed to Elgg 1.8.13 by brettp on 43029965-08-05

cash wrote on 43074229-05-09

Fixed in 2b2dc7f/elgg

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