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A social networking engine in PHP/MySQL
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.scripts chore(install): Shout loudly and clearly about fxp/composer-asset-plugin
.tx chore(i18n): Move 2.0 to its own Transifex project
_graphics feature(icons): use FontAwesome icons
actions chore(widgets): removed usage of pre 1.8 widget migration action
docs chore(views): Move core views.php file to elgg root
engine Merge branch '1.x'
grunt chore(docs): Improves UX for docs editors
install chore(views): Restore _graphics for better back compatibility
js perf(js): Remove jquery-migrate and upgrade jquery to ^2.1.4
languages feature(plugins): Improved plugin listing
mod chore(developers): Fix gear icon
views Merge branch '1.x'
.gitignore Merge pull request #8538 from ewinslow/simpler-simplecache-structure
.mailmap chore(mailmap): canonicalize all to Evan Winslow
.scrutinizer.yml chore(scrutinizer): double external_code_coverage timeout to 20 minutes
.travis.yml Merge pull request #8523 from ewinslow/php-7-strict chore(release): v1.11.2
CODING.txt chore(docs): update root docs to point to Merge branch '1.9' into 1.10
CONTRIBUTORS.txt chore(docs): update contact info in readme and contributors
COPYRIGHT.txt Updated copyright.
Gruntfile.js chore(docs): Improves UX for docs editors
INSTALL.txt chore(docs): update root docs to point to
LICENSE.txt moved LICENCE.txt to LICENSE.txt to be consistent with readme chore(readme): bumped badges for the 1.11 branch
UPGRADE.txt chore(docs): Updated links to point to
autoloader.php feature(application): Introduces Elgg\Application for loading/booting…
composer.json chore(markdown): replaces Markdown library with composer managed version
index.php feature(application): Introduces Elgg\Application for loading/booting…
install.php feature(php): Require PHP 5.5+
package.json chore(tests): Upgrades Jasmine and Karma
phpunit.xml chore(test): Added blacklist and whitelist to make coverage test resu…
upgrade.php feature(routing): Removes /export and all secondary front controllers
version.php feature(discussions): discussions feature has been moved to its own p…
views.php chore(views): Move core views.php file to elgg root

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Copyright (c) 2008-2014, see COPYRIGHT.txt

For development credits, see CONTRIBUTORS.txt.

Elgg is managed by the Elgg Foundation, a nonprofit organization that was founded to govern, protect, and promote the Elgg open source social network engine. The Foundation aims to provide a stable, commercially and individually independent organization that operates in the best interest of Elgg as an open source project.

The project site can be found at

The Elgg project was started in 2004 by

Elgg is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) Version 2 and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT-X11) License. See LICENSE.txt in the root of the package you downloaded.

For installation instructions, see INSTALL.txt.

For upgrade instructions, see UPGRADE.txt.

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