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I socialized with real people

It's strange to say it, but it's an exceptional event for me. If you don't take family and co-workers, I don't socialize much. Call it social anxiety or whatever is more appropriate.

This year I want to improve that part of my life and went on to look for tech events near Brussels where I could meet other developers. Instead, I found a running meetup. I was supposed to go running that weekend thus I decided to join the group for a run and see what it was like.

I have to admit, I was scared. But I arrived, people talked a bit, and we went running. I discussed a bit with some people, well, with one. And she asks the questions. We conversed about jobs, health and running. Not the most significant conversation, but that's a start.

What can I say, I'm not good when it comes to socializing with people and doing small talks. They all went to have a drink, but I've had my share of social interaction for the day and left.

I went back last Sunday and again today. The plan would be to run with a group at least once a week. It's not much, but it's enough for the moment. This gets me out and makes me interact with people.

I've seen that some are also running on Tuesdays, but the distance is a bit too long (14km) for now. I (re)started running last week, and I intend on going slow to avoid injuries.

Sport is a great way to meet people you wouldn't meet otherwise. And to force you to go outside of your comfort zone.

I would love a tabletop game (i.e., boardgame) meetup in Brussel. It would be the perfect opportunity to meet people and force you to interact with them (for the sake of the game). Maybe there's some good one out there, I should start looking.

The main lesson for me is to go small. Try to socialize with people that share a similar interest than you.