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We are all stupid thus, nobody is.

I had an interesting discussion with some colleagues and I think it's worth sharing.

We were talking about how to focus on work when working from home and we ended up talking about how we studied back in school.

When I said that prior to the university I barely opened a book they went "Look at him brag about being smarter than us". I explained that a reason I never had to is that I had some ease because I have an IQ that is higher than average.

To them, it felt like I was being condescended. Which, of course, wasn't my intent and I really hate that they took it like that. Which is why I never speak about it. I might have a higher IQ, but it didn't stop me to fail 2 years out of my bachelor degree. It took me 5 years to get a 3 years degree.

Being smart and intelligence in a broader sense should never be limited to an IQ or to the number of degrees one has.

I'm good with pure logic things, I'm a very "logical" person. If you have a problem that can be solved with pure logic, I'm your guy. But I'm very bad with people. Bring me to a party and I'll be the one staying in a corner talking to no one. People scare me. And I'm a bit jealous of people that can interact with ease with other.

We are all smart in our own ways. Some are very good in some area and other will be better in other.

You should never feel like someone is smarter than you because (s)he achieves things you can't do because you probably can do things (s)he can't.