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Welcome to the Eli Lilly LillyMol implementation.


This software requires following packages to build
1. GCC >= 6.2.0 (see
Example command(using module load): module load gcc/6.2.0

2. zlib >= 1.2.11 (see
Example command(using module load): module load zlib/1.2.11
You need to define the location for zlib.a in makefile.public.*
You may also need to add the location of zlib.h to CPATH

1. Start console

2. Load required packages

3. Pull down the code from repo

4. Enter the root directory of the code

5. Edit the makefile.public.Linux-gcc-6.2.0 (or corresponding version) to add the local path for the zlib library
Example: ZLIB = /zlib/zlib-1.2.11/lib

6. Run (Skip step 7 if you run this command) 

7. Alternatively, you can run following commands: 
    make veryclean
    make copy_include
    make library
    make copy_library
    make exe
    make copy_exe

See Wiki page for sample commands
See the example folder for data used in the sample commands 
Example to verify a generated command:
    cd bin/Linux-gcc-6.2.0/
Note: This command shall print out the help menu on screen if it is built successfully
      This approach can be used to verify if each command is built successfully
Example to run sample commands:
    cd example/common_names/
    ../../bin/Linux-gcc-6.2.0/common_names input1.smi input2.smi -S ./output -s 10000 -r 10000 -D + -v

src:                             source code
example:                         data for sample commands (see Wiki page)
test:                            test scripts for each command
bin(generated after build):      all generated executables
lib(generated after build):      all generated library files
include(generated after build):  shared include files
contrib:                         legacy tools

See the test folder for the test case for each command
Example to run a test:
    cd test/common_names/case_1/
Note: Test shall print out TEST PASS if it is successful, otherwise it shall
      print out TEST FAIL

Consult the LICENSE file for details of the license