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An implementation of ECMAScript Next/Harmony/6 collections--WeakMap, Map and Set. Compatible with ECMAScript 5 capable environments


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##Questions ###What is Blitz-Collections? Blitz-Collections provides ECMAScript 6 (aka ECMAScript Harmony aka ECMAScript Next) collections to ECMAScript 5 compliant environments. This includes Map, WeakMap and Set.

###Are the WeakMaps really weak? Mostly. Due to the way Blitz-Collections work and the limitations of ECMAScript 5, WeakMaps do not keep any object references unless the object is sealed or the constructor property is non-configurable. I suspect that objects meeting one of these two criteria will be rare. Note that these references are lost when a WeakMap's clear method is called.

###There are other polyfills that do this. How is this one different? I have come across two other attempts to provide these collections and, like the motivation for starting so many projects, I was not completely satisfied. One attempt entirely relied upon two sets of arrays to simulate Map and WeakMap and consequently was slow and not even remotely weak. The other attempt uses a similar approach to what I have taken by adding a non-enumerable property to objects. What I found unfortunate was that it then tries to conceal the new property by hijacking methods such as Object.getOwnPropertyNames among others.

As far as I have been able to come up with there are only two ways to create a Map in ECMAScript 5 (or older) environments:

  1. Use two arrays, one for the keys and the other for the values. This works just fine for Maps (though it will be slow, depending on the size extremely slow) but it cannot be used for WeakMaps.
  2. Add properties onto objects which hold their associated values. The issue with this method is it adds "unnatural" properties on objects, it cannot be done on sealed objects (you have to fall back to method one) and an object's associated value could be modified outside the scope of the Map.

For the speed benefit and also to have a mostly functioning WeakMap I opted for method two. To alleviate the issues with that method, Blitz-Collections uses the constructor property and does not add values directly to the property but adds them to the property's get descriptor. This "hides" any values the object may be associated with, virtually eliminates accidental manipulation and almost seems "natural."


This script exposes the three collection constructors under the blitz object: blitz.Map, blitz.WeakMap and blitz.Set.

API coming soon. In the meantime check out the current working draft for ES.Next to see the draft API for Map, WeakMap and Set (it should be the same--if not please create an issue).


An implementation of ECMAScript Next/Harmony/6 collections--WeakMap, Map and Set. Compatible with ECMAScript 5 capable environments







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