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* Add Push To Talk (#1743)

* Fix video recording when using FTP or Dropbox (#1744) (#1745)

* This adds a new feature "Dropbox URL" so you can specify the URL to be used for (#1746)

* Change all absolute URL's to relative (#1748)

* Fix deleteFile in sdcard.js (#1749)

* Imporove security of Dropbox emulating web script (#1765)

Limit maximum file size and only allow certain file types

* Add full support for Matrix image and video #1756 (#1766)

* More robust Telegram video handling (#1769)

* Some cleanup in (#1764)

Co-authored-by: Steven <>
Co-authored-by: Chris Osgood <>
Co-authored-by: Nick Kaijaks <>

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Xiaomi DaFang Hacks / XiaoFang 1S / Wyzecam V2 / Wyzecam Pan / Other T20 Devices

Join the chat at

This repository contains custom firmware for the following devices:

Name Picture
Xiaomi Dafang Dafang
Xiaomi Xiaofang 1S (old Version with T20 is supported, newer Version with T20L is in beta) XiaoFang
Wyzecam Pan Dafang
Wyzecam V2 XiaoFang
Neos SmartCam XiaoFang
Sannce I21AG, MixSight HX-I2110T2, WanScam HW0036, Digoo BB-M2 XiaoFang
Any other Device with Ingenic T10/T20 Device #980 T20

If you want to test the Xiaofang T20L (newer version) please check out the additional instructions.

If you have a classic XiaoFang with a ARM-Processor, consider using

Attention: Do not install the latest Firmware on your Device. It will disable the support of this hack.

Further information about this topic can be found here: #669

How to install the CFW

Before you try to install it, please read the FAQ

After that, continue to the Installation


If you encounter a problem, please see first if you find similiar open/closed issues. Or ask in our Gitter channel for help.

If you don't find anything related, feel free to open a new issue. If you/we solve your issue, please condense your gained insights into a pull request for continuous self-improvement.

Partner Community:

We are really excited to announce that we have now a open source partner community, which provides a lot of content about the T10/T20/T30 Devices


Start here for more informations:

欢迎来到这个存储库亲爱的朋友们。 从这里开始,获取关于在您的设备上获取此hack的教程:开始

Technical Information about the hack:

Start here

Integration in Home Automation Systems:


Home Assistant






Other features

Motion detection

It is possible to run your own scripts on motion detection. See here


Any contribution to the development is highly welcome. Simply open a pull request against our beta branch on GitHub.