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Xiaomi DaFang Hacks / XiaoFang 1S / Wyzecam V2 / Wyzecam Pan / Other T20 Devices

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This repository contains custom firmwares for the following devices:

Name Picture
Xiaomi Dafang Dafang
Xiaomi Xiaofang 1S XiaoFang
Wyzecam Pan Dafang
Wyzecam V2 XiaoFang
Sannce I21AG, MixSight HX-I2110T2, WanScam HW0036, Escam G02, Digoo BB-M2 XiaoFang
Any other Device with Ingenic T10/T20 Device T20

If you have a classic XiaoFang with a ARM-Processor, consider using

How to install the CFW

Before you try to install it, please read the FAQ

After that, continue to the Installation


If you encounter a problem, please see first if you find similiar open/closed issues. Or ask in our Gitter channel for help.

If you don't find anything related, feel free to open a new issue. If you/we solve your issue, please condense your gained insights into a pull request for continuous self-improvement.

Technical Information about the hack:

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Integration in Home Automation Systems:


Home Assistant






Other features

Motion detection

It is possible to run your own scripts on motion detection. See here


Any contribution to the development is highly welcome. Simply open a pull request on GitHub.