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How does the CFW work?

The CFW contains of two parts:

  1. The Custom-Firmware, which alters the original firmware to boot from microsd. It needs to be flashed instead of the orignal firmware. This part does not contain any custom software, its just allows you to boot from microsd. You will have to do this only once.
  2. The CFW-Files, which contains the custom software. You will have to install them onto your microsd-card after you completed step 1. You can modify this part easily by changing the files on the microsd.

Does the CFW contain a RTSP-Server?

Yes, you can watch it through VLC Player.

Does the CFW connect to the Xiaomi Servers?

No. It does not connect to anything.

Does the CFW remove the original Firmware?

No. You can still boot the original Software, if you remove the SD-Card.

Is it possible to run the original Firmware and the CFW at the same time?

No, thats not possible and it's very unlikely that it will change in the future.

Can I revert the firmware back to the original one?

Yes, you can. However there is no need to revert it back. If your SD-Card does not contain the CFW-Files, you will just boot the original software. If you still want to revert back to an original firmware just flash the appropriate one for your camera from the firmware_original folder the same way you flashed the custom firmware.

Is it possible to run the CFW without a microsd?

No that's not possible. It can be done, but there will be a lot of trouble in doing this.

Can I have FullHD resolution?

Yes, but you must flash a custom bootloader to achieve this.

Can I use USB ethernet cards?

Yes, just create a usb_eth_driver.conf file in /system/sdcard/config.

cp /system/sdcard/config/usb_eth_driver.conf.dist /system/sdcard/config/usb_eth_driver.conf

If this file exists the won't start the WIFI driver but instead load the usb ethernet driver. Currently only the asix.ko driver is supported but others can be built.

Custom Bootloader Installation

Which Features does the CFW contain?

  • Full working RTSP with H264/MJPEG. Based on
  • SSH-Server(dropbear) with username: root password: ismart12
  • FTP-Server(bftpd) with username: root password: ismart12
  • Webserver(lighttpd) with username: root password: ismart12
  • Image-Snap(Get Jpeg Image)
  • Horizontal/vertical motor rotation / move to center
  • Turn on/off blue/yellow/IR LEDs/IR-Cut
  • Local h264 recording possible:
/system/sdcard/bin/h264Snap > /system/sdcard/video.h264
  • Audio recording/playing possible:
Playing Audio:
/system/sdcard/bin/audioplay /usr/share/notify/CN/init_ok.wav volume

Recording Audio:
/system/sdcard/bin/ossrecord /system/sdcard/test.wav 
  • Curl
  • MQTT
  • Telegram
  • Anything other that you can compile yourself. There is a toolchain available.

What if my scripts in config/userscripts/motiondetection are not executed or mqtt/telegram messages/emails are not sent on motion?

Your camera probably runs out of memory when processing the motion event. Try to enable some swap memory.

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