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[After Effects Script] Explode Shape layer

GitHub release license Software

Explode Shape Layer is an After Effects Script that allow you to extract shapes from a shape layer to individual layers.

To get the script, click the link : Download the script

How to use it ?

The usageis very simple:

  • Select the layer to explode (shape layer only)
  • Click the button
  • Tadaaa !

Preview of the script

How do I install it ?

Copy the .jsxbin or .jsx file into your After Effets' ScriptUI Panels folder:

  • Windows: Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects <version>\Support Files\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\
  • Mac OS: Applications/Adobe After Effects <version>\Scripts\ScriptUI Panels\

Then, activate the script in AE menu : window -> explode_shape_layer


You can directly launch the script using AE menu: File -> Scripts -> Run Script File


Works on :

  • After Effects CC 2017
  • Not tested on previous versions