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Script automatically adds videos to playlists from Youtube channels and/or subscriptions (Youtube Collections alternative).
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This is a Google Apps Script that automatically adds new Youtube videos to playlists (a replacement for Youtube Collections feature).

This is done using Google Sheets for interface, Google Script + Youtube API v3 for executing and scheduling.

(Older version here)


  1. Adds all new videos to Youtube playlists (uploaded later than some date)

1.1. From ALL subscribed channels

1.2. From any list of channels (by username or channel ID)

1.3. From any other playlist (by playlist ID)

  1. Optional - ability to set automatic interval for updates

  2. Optional - ability to deploy as a web app to update or show playlist.

  3. Optional - remove videos in the playlists that are older than a certain number of days before the execution of the script

Where to get help


If you ran into problems, here are some of the possible sources for solutions:

  • Troubleshooting section at the end of this README
  • Issues board in GitHub
  • Community support forum: Official Message Board
  • 3rd party copies of the project (Forks)
    • If you'd like improve the code yourself: some issues were introduced with merges from 3rd party forks. Last commit before the merges can be found here

Set-up Instructions

  1. Copy the Sheet to your Google Drive. Afterwards you might want to update the script to the latest version of

  2. Allow the Sheets to access Youtube:

  • Open the Script Editor (in menu: Tools / Script Editor...) of the Sheet
    • In menu: Resources / Advanced Google Services
    • Scroll down and make sure YouTube Data API is enabled
    • Then, Google Developers Console / Youtube Data API / Enable API, close the tab, go back to Script Editor and click OK
    • Continue only after the yellow Updating Google Services box disappears in the top of the Script Editor
  • Close the Developers Console and Script Editor, open the Sheet again
    • In menu: Functions / Update Playlists
    • Grant access in the dialog
  1. Setup your playlists and channels (white cells in the Sheet):
  • Clear all existing white rows, they are just examples (i.e. delete the 3 rows).
  • For each new playlist you want to use:
    • In a new row:
    • Add your Playlist ID in the first white column (you can find it in the URLs of your playlists, after ?list=)
    • Add your Channels (in other white columns of the same row) (Example of a successful set-up, from user topdogmsn)
      • Any of the following:
      • User ID (last part (after last /) in
      • Channel ID (last part (after last /) in
      • Playlist ID (last part (after ?list= in
      • ALL, to add all new videos from all of your subscriptions
    • Optionally add a number of days in the grey column (B). Videos in the playlist that have been published that many days before are going to be removed from the playlist.


Manual playlist update:
  1. Open the Google Sheet, then in menu: Functions / Update Playlists. (Notice: when used first time, only a timestamp will be added (prevents overflow with old videos)).
Scheduled playlist update:
  1. In menu (of the Sheet): Tools / Script Editor...
  2. In menu: Resources / Current project triggers
  3. updatePlaylists -> Time driven -> Hour timer -> Every hour
  4. Save
Deploy as a web app:
  1. In menu (of the Sheet): Tools / Script Editor...
  2. Update the SheetID in the very begining of the file. It's the random long string found in the URL of the SpreadSheet. The highlighted part of the URL in the image below. reference image
  3. In menu: Publish / Deploy as a web app
  4. Publish (you will get a special link to use)
  5. Optional - create a redirect link for easy acess ( is recommended as it allows you to pass parameters to the url)
  6. Usage: append /?pl=N to select the Nth playlist in the spreadsheed.
  • append /?update=True to force update the playlists.
  • e.g. will force update and open the third playlist.
(Extra) Link to remove all items from a youtube playlist:

To remove all playlist items, bookmark the link below and click on it while having the youtube playlist page open.

Using [classic (disable-polymer=true) YouTube theme] (source)

javascript:(function(){if(confirm('Remove all?')&&confirm('Are you sure?')){let c=[]'.pl-video-edit-remove')),iid=window.setInterval(function(){if(!c[0]){window.clearInterval(iid);return;}c.pop().click();},200);}})();

Using new YouTube theme

javascript:(function(){if(confirm('Remove all?')&&confirm('Are you sure?')){for(c=[]'ytd-playlist-video-renderer')),i=c.length;i--;c[i]=c[i].firstElementChild.nextElementSibling.nextElementSibling.nextElementSibling.firstElementChild.firstElementChild.nextElementSibling);iid=window.setInterval(function(){if(!c[0]){window.clearInterval(iid);return;};c.pop().click();setTimeout(()=>{d=[]'ytd-menu-service-item-renderer'));d[d.length-2].click()}, 1);},400);}})();

(Extra) Link to remove watched items from a youtube playlist (thanks to saso5tr):

Same as above.

Using [classic (disable-polymer=true) YouTube theme]

javascript:(function(){if(confirm('Remove all watched?')){for(c=[]'.resume-playback-background')),i=c.length;i--;c[i]=c[i].parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.querySelector('.pl-video-edit-remove'));iid=window.setInterval(function(){if(!c[0]){window.clearInterval(iid);return;};c.pop().click();},400);}})();

Using new YouTube theme

javascript:(function(){if(confirm('Remove all watched?')){for(c=[]'ytd-thumbnail-overlay-resume-playback-renderer')),i=c.length;i--;c[i]=c[i].parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.parentElement.firstElementChild.nextElementSibling.nextElementSibling.nextElementSibling.firstElementChild.firstElementChild.nextElementSibling);iid=window.setInterval(function(){if(!c[0]){window.clearInterval(iid);return;};c.pop().click();setTimeout(()=>{d=[]'ytd-menu-service-item-renderer'));d[d.length-2].click()}, 1);},400);}})();


Q: I followed the instructions and nothing happened?

A: Only videos that are uploaded after the first run of the script are added (i.e. the timestamp is set to current date). New videos should be up. Alternatively, you can modify the timestamp yourself.

Q: How to temporarily pause updating only some of the channels?

A: Cut (or delete) the contents of the playlist ID cell in the row you want to pause.

Q: I want to say thanks!

A: Feel free to buy me a cup of coffee here: Donate. Although, I'd appreciate even more if you could help support other users and/or create pull requests for fixes and improvements!


Q: I have more questions.

A: See Feedback section below.


Q: Google keeps asking to authorize, even when I did so.

A: A known fix is to use an account with Gmail, YouTube accounts are known to have this issue. Notice that you will only be able to use the playlists accessible by the authorized account (i.e. your 'Gmail' account in YouTube site).

Q: I get this error: TypeError: Second argument to Function.prototype.apply must be an array. (line 27, file "")

A: Do the step laid out in the instructions above: go to Resources > Developers Console Project > Click the link to your API console project > On the left, APIs & Auth > APIs > YouTube Data API > Enable API. (thanks to josn0w and theit8514, also nmgoh and saso5tr)

Q: I get this error TypeError: Cannot call method "toString" of undefined.

A: See (thanks to LPanic)

Q: I get this error: TypeError: Cannot read property "items" from undefined. (line 169, file "Code")

A: If it only happens sometimes, it can be safely ignored, the next round will work normal again. If it happens on every execution, check your playlist and channel IDs. The script stops working if any of your playlists or channels doesn't exist, for example because it was deleted.

Q: I want to experiment with the error further

A: Copy-paste the contents of the file into your Script Editor

Q: I have more questions.

A: See Feedback section below.


Github Issue Board

Official Reddit Thread

Official Message Board

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