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A full featured PHP API Client for 37signals' Highrise http://highrise-php-api
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Fork notes

I forked the project to improve the basic version of the API client code which I found very ugly. I do not know if there was a good reason that certain things were done as they were made.
An amount of improvment can be done, but the current version is sufficient for my usage.
By the way, the basic behavior of use was kept. (If I wanted to remake an entiere Highrise API client, I would have used Guzzle to do it properly and easily)

So, what's new ?

  • PHP 5.3 namespaces
  • Composer support
  • Ability to list global subject fields
  • Ability to add custom fields to a Person
  • Ability of deleting a email address of a Person
  • Some refactoring

If you want to use the composer autoloader in your project, here is the way to do it:

In the HighriseAPI repository, run:

    curl -s | php
    php composer.phar install

Then just put the following code on your project:



Highrise-PHP-Api is a project (currently in alpha) to provide easy access to 37signals' Highrise API to PHP Developers.

Documentation is coming soon, please check the test directory for examples.

This PHP Class currently allows CRUD support for People objects only. Support for other object types will be uploaded shortly.

Please mind the tests are only supposed to run in a blank Highrise account and not on a live one.

Features currently implemented:

  • People
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Emails
  • Tags
  • Users


Create a new person and set his address

    $person = new HighrisePerson($highrise);

    $address = new HighriseAddress();
    $address->setAddress("165 Test St.");


Find People by Search Term

    $people = $highrise->findPeopleBySearchTerm("John");
    foreach($people as $p)
            print $person->getFirstName() . "\n";

Print all notes

  foreach($highrise->findAllPeople() as $person)

Create a new note

    $note = new HighriseNote($highrise);

Add tags

    $people = $highrise->findPeopleByTitle("CEO");
    foreach($people as $person)

Remove Tags

    $people = $highrise->findPeopleByTitle("Ex-CEO");
    foreach($people as $person)

Find all Tags

    $all_tags = $highrise->findAllTags();

Create Task

    $task = new HighriseTask($highrise);
    $task->setBody("Task Body");

Assign all upcoming tasks

    $users = $highrise->findAllUsers();
$user = $users[0]; // just select the first user

foreach($highrise->findUpcomingTasks() as $task)

Find all assigned tasks

 $assigned_tasks = $highrise->findAssignedTasks();

Find all users

 $users = $highrise->findAllUsers();

Find current user

 $me = $highrise->findMe();
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