Compilation of pre-trained deep learning models with demos and code.
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[DEPRECATED] Sortable and searchable compilation of pre-trained deep learning models. With demos and code.

DEPRECATED: You can find an alternative here

A word of warning

This is running on a server without GPU, hence it seems slow.

Also, the code may look a bit like monkey-patching for the following reasons:

  • Models are cloned as submodules: therefore we have to mess around with the python path :-(
  • There is a queuing systems for the jobs (allows user to see their job's position in the queue)


Having spent too much time installing deep learning models just to evaluate their performance, I created this repo for several reasons:

  • Access a free demo of deep learning models
  • Gather available deep learning models
  • Get a docker container running the model for a quick install


Requirements: Docker, docker-compose and enough space free for the model weights.

git clone --recursive
cd containers
docker-compose build
docker-compose up -d

Useful commands

docker ps #list images
docker attach [container_id] #attach a shell to specific image


Many models are missing. Any help is welcome ! You have two options to contribute.

Easy way: Add a model to the list without a demo:

  • Fork the repo
  • Edit the docs/models.yaml file (you can even edit it with Github's editor)
  • Make a pull request

Other way: add a model with a demo:

  • Fork the repo
  • Add the model inside one of the docker containers
  • Create a route in the file
  • Add a demo calling the route
  • Make a pull request


  • Use nvidia-docker ?
  • Add flag to compile Tensorflow
  • Consider splitting each model in a different container ?
  • Linter
  • Add analytics