Installing Forms

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You can either Fork this repository or download this repository using this link

Now whether you Forked or downloaded this repository the next steps are the same regardless of the acquirance method.

Downloading the Forms example

The next step is to download the FormsExample repository that includes pre-made classes, settings, and textures for your game GUI.

The FormsExample project includes a set of classes such as an example main menu and pause menu. Additionally it includes several folders you will have to move into your UDK project.

Installing the Forms example

Move FormsExample/Classes (and Test.bat) to *YOUR-UDK\Development\Src*

Move FormsExample/Config to *YOUR-UDK\UDKGame\Config*

Move FormsExample/Content to *YOUR-UDK\UDKGame\Content*

Move FormsExample/Script to *YOUR-UDK\UDKGame\Script* (Contains pre-compiled versions of Forms and FormsExample)

Move FormsExample/Localization to *YOUR-UDK\UDKGame\Localization*

Additionally there's also a folder called Resources which includes well the resources used to make the Content files, you can use this to extend it or to see how it's done.

Running FormsExample

Go to *YOUR-UDK\Development\Src\FormsExample* and execute the Test.bat, this will launch UDK with the MyGame.uc used as the gameinfo.

If your game is using an empty UDKFrontEndMap with no Scaleform integration etc, then you should be seeing the MyMainMenu.uc, your player name should be shown and an exit button will be positioned at the bottom. If you're not testing on a default map, then pressing escape should popup a similar menu but this time only with an exit button.

Installing Forms for compiling

When you have successfully acquired the repository, you may begin moving the "Forms" folder to YOUR-UDK\Development\Src* it should look like **YOUR-UDK\Development\Src\Forms**.

Registering Forms and FormsExample

Open YOUR-UDK\UDKGame\Config\DefaultEngine.ini and look for the section:


Then append the two following lines before your game's package:



Compiling Forms and FormsExample

Now that's done we can start compiling this project, open your UnrealFrontend.exe and hit Make(In debug mode). The project should be compiled, if not please report the log and the UDK build that you're using.

Extending FormsExample or your GUI for that matter

If all of this worked then you're ready to begin making your own menus/pages for your game. Checkout the MyMainMenu.uc and the MyGameMenu.uc and start customizing :)